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  • Melissa Geskie

Dixie Belle TV! DBTV is now available to stream!

Have you heard the news? Dixie Belle TV or DBTV is available now for streaming on any device! Learn all about Dixie Belle products, new unreleased footage and meet the artists behind the brand!

As a Dixie Belle brand ambassador, I have my own channel on DBTV. In this exclusive space you get to see me, behind the scenes, my home, family and workspace. I have dedicated this space on DBTV to give back to my community. This is a place where I will base each series (up to five episodes each) on how I can meet and interact with other local artisans, small businesses and donate back to my community.

In my second season here on DBTV join me while I meet Sean from Slabba Dabba Do! Visit a local sawmill, and then create an exclusive piece that will be sold with proceeds donated to Better2gether in Richmond, Virginia. Paint It Forward on DBTV will provide a donation from every piece painted to support my community in Richmond.

Don't miss out on exclusive content! Download today & dive into tutorials, behind-the-scenes stories, lifestyle content & more! Now available on Amazon TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android, iOS & Android TV!

Want to learn more about how you can stream DBTV? Click here!

See you on the inside!


The Top Drawer RVA

Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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