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  • Melissa Geskie

How To Apply A Woodubend Moulding - A Dixie Belle Tutorial

Let's learn about Woodubend mouldings! As a furniture painter I am always looking for the next best thing, new trends and how to make my furniture pop! Enter WOODUBEND! This fun product has saved me so many times! Perfect for furniture, home decor or any upgrade! I've used this bendable moulding to fix holes, repair trim, and dress up my boring furniture!

What is Woodubend? All WoodUbend products are heat-bendable decorative wood mouldings. When you heat WoodUbend mouldings with a heat gun or hair dryer they become bendy and can be adhered to just about any surface!

WoodUbend mouldings have all the properties of wood and can be Drilled…Sanded…Glued…Painted…Stained…Varnished…Waxed or Distressed!

They are so simple to apply, all you need is a heat source, wood glue and the moulding to make this magic happen. Want to learn how? Watch this short video below!

How cool is that! Take your boring decor or furniture to another level with Woodubend. Want to try your own bendy wood? Click here to shop! For more video tutorials click here!

Need further instructions? Have a look at this photo below. Dixie Belle Paint products carries a exclusive line of Woodubend.

Happy Woodubending!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

****This is a sponsored post.


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