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What is Creative Coaching?

Are you a furniture maker, creator or artist? Do you sell your items on Facebook or Instagram? This might be the place for you! I am a furniture artist, Content Creator for Dixie Belle and a Brand Ambassador for WoodUbend!

In my journey as a artist I always wished there was a place to ask questions and have someone help guide me. Things like social media, how to create a blog, a website, or how to promote myself! It was overwhelming and scary to try to learn on my own.

Over a period of time I learned the in's and out's of social media and how to create a large following. I was able to grow my Instagram page to over 16k followers in less than two years! Growing daily and using social media as my tool to sell my furniture and promote my talent! Imagine if I would have had a mentor to help me grow faster!? Someone who could have told me all the secrets I had to learn on my own? Well if that sounds like a great idea to you, I'm your gal! I've decided to create a space where you can learn all you need to about the things that you want to accomplish! I want to be your mentor!

What is a mentor? Mentoring is a brain to pick, a ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within yourself and helps bring it out of you!

Welcome to Coaching for Creatives! What is this group all about? Well - it's about you! I am here to be a mentor and help you with your questions and needs! In this space you will learn all the tips and tricks that took me years to figure out. Social Media training, painting finishes, anything you might want a creative coach for. I am here to be YOUR mentor and help in whatever avenue you might need.

  1. This is a paid monthly subscription available via a private group on Facebook that is paid via PayPal. The monthly fee is $30.00 US. this is a renewing monthly payment. After one month you are able to cancel this payment at any time. Only need one month? That's okay!

  2. What does this include? You will have access to a private Facebook group Coaching for Creatives as a member. Inside the group there are units, each unit is a topic that you can learn about, Facebook, Instagram, watermarks etc. There will be new units added weekly. Scheduled LIVE feed videos where we will cover topics and you will be able to ask questions. This mentorship also includes one video call with me via Facebook or Instagram. For 1/2 hour. Your choice of subject! You control the topic and what we need to talk about and how I can mentor you! Paint finish? How to grow your Instagram? Staging? We can chat about it all. The time and date for the call will be set up by both parties and agreed upon.

What can I help you with? How can I help you grow as a artist? Interested in joining? First off, head over to my Facebook page. Hit "like" and "follow" You will see this group listed on my page, you can request a invite or send me a message and I can invite you in! Once payment has been received through PayPal I will add you to the group!

I hope this helps clarify what the group is all about. Creative Mentoring for all artists!


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