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  • Melissa Geskie

Trash To Treasure Buffet Makeover!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

While surfing my local Buy, Sell & Trade page on Facebook I saw something marvelous! In my area, right down the street someone was posting about a free buffet! They said if it can't be picked up in the next few hours it was headed to the dump! What!? I sent my husband ASAP to pick it op. What I neglected to mention to him was that this beauty was 6 feet long! he was not a happy camper, but the things we do for love!

Watch the transformation here!

How did I get this beautiful buffet to transform like that? Well, a little TLC and some Dixie Belle Paint products.

Products Used

Black Sands

Golden Ash

White Lightning


Plastic Spatula

Mineral Spirits

Gold Gilding Wax

Best Dang Wax Black

Satin Clear Coat

Want to try the products used in this video? Click Here!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

****This blog post is sponsored.

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