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Let's Learn About Dixie Belle's New Product! Gemstone Mousse!

Dixie Belle is releasing a new product this week and I was able to get a SNEAK PEEK! As a Brand Ambassador my job is to try new products and create beautiful things while showing you all the in's and out's! Let's learn all about the newest product by Dixie Belle, Gemstone Mousse!

Gemstone Mousse is a wonderful pigment that is going to accent your piece. It's a water based formula. No smell and no mineral spirits. Bright pigment and eco friendly. You can apply this with your fingers or a brush. Let's go over the possibilities. Since this is a water based mousse it can separate in the 1 ounce jar. Stir and or mix well before use. Think this is a small size? Well it might be small but it is powerful! A little goes a very long way! Shake or stir this product well before use. No need to topcoat this product. If you choose to topcoat, please remember this is a water based product. One quick swipe of a clear coat is all you need. If you over work it - it might re activate the mousse.

Let's put this product on a mirror and test it out. I have a vintage wood mirror. I plan to paint this and apply the Gemstone Mousse.

I cleaned the mirror frame with White Lightning. This is a necessary step to get your item clean and ready for paint. After cleaning and rinsing I chose a neutral color. Let's paint with Vintage Duck Egg.

I painted on two full coats of Vintage Duck Egg using a flat medium brush. After this dried I used sandpaper to distress the edges a bit.

Let's age this mirror with some Dixie Dirt. Dixie Dirt is a pigmented product that can be applied over a painted surface. It allows you to add depth and dimension to the paint and details. I use Easy Peasy Spray wax first. Apply to the area you want the "Dirt" to stick to then apply some Dirt in Earth with a Belle Brush. Using a natural fiber brush allows me to fade the dirt pigment back. Want to watch a video of Dirt being applied? Click here.

Now it's time to try the MOUSSE! Yes! The Mousse is loose.....

Shake the container well. When you apply the mousse you will see how it covers well. I used a small brush to apply to any raised detail. It's rich in color and pigment. One coat is all you need.

This product takes about a full 4 hours to dry to finish. You can top coat over the Mousse when it is fully dry. If the mousse is not fully dry and you apply a water based top coat such as Clear Coat, it could reactivate the Mousse and then it might move. If you are worried about this you should top coat before the Mousse application.

Dixie Belle's newest Mousse will be released in November 2020 in four colors.

Amber is a bright Copper, Diamond is a vibrant silver, Garnet is a ruby red, and of course Golden Gem is gold.

I used this mousse to detail a chest, all four colors, with a stencil. Stencil shown in this photo is Moroccan. I used a foam brush to apply the Mousse to the stencil and accent ombre paint. Want to watch me apply this mousse in a video? Click here.

Overall I truly think this product will be one of my favorites. I love gold shimmer and shine. The detail and easy use of Mousse on a stencil was something that turned out beautiful. Vibrant colors, long lasting, and a perfect way to update some old furniture.

Thanks for joining me to learn all about GEMSTONE MOUSSE!


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