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  • Melissa Geskie

Inspo Boxes - Paint Your Furniture The Easy Way!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Have you ever wanted to paint a look that I have created - or any Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador's work of art and didn't know where to start? Well it's now your lucky day! Dixie Belle is introducing a great way for you to get "The Look!" by curating a box of items to paint your own furniture! It's everything you need to get started on a specific look!

New release boxes are available under the Belles & Whistles Line. My inspo box is a fun Steampunk look. I have created a blog and a YouTube to showcase this amazing look, and now you can order your own inspo box to Steampunk your furniture!

Each inspo box is different, based on what the artist created, and can be found here. Check out what the other amazing ambassadors are creating for their inspo box!

What is in mine you ask? Let me give you the breakdown! My inspo box contains the following products you would need to create a steampunk look! Inspo boxes have sold out as of October 2021. Please click here to find all products contained inside.

Steampunk Box Contents

With this one box you can create a look like the steampunk suitcase above! I added Woodubend Gears to this one, you could also add a Steampunk Silkscreen stencil! Inside this box will also be a QR code and a special note to a guide on how to create this look step by step. What will you create? Here below is another style of steampunk, on a trunk. The possibilities are endless!

To shop the Steampunk Inspo box click here! I'm excited to join you on your painting journey! Let's create some magic!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

*****This blog contains affilate links, these are at no added cost to you as a consumer, just a great way to support your local artist!


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