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In The Navy ~ Cabinet Upcycle with Dixie Belle Products

A easy "do it yourself" tutorial on how to upcycle and paint a cabinet with Dixie Belle Paint and No Pain Gel Stain! These two sweet little cabinets were in need of a makeover to update and refresh the look of wood. You can do this quickly and easily within 24 hours!

How to paint and stain using Dixie Belle!

Before Picture - Basic wood cabinet

The cabinets were cleaned with White Lightning, and lightly sanded to provide something for the paint to adhere to. Hardware was removed and set aside for further use. I liked the burnished gold on the hardware and left its original color and shine.


Dixie Belle products used for this makeover as follows,


After the cabinets were cleaned with White Lightening, and lightly sanded I started my first coat of Dixie Belle's In The Navy. Since this paint has great coverage I was able to apply one base coat with minimal second coat as needed. Make sure to cover all your wood surface, including the edges of your drawers and doors.


While the base coats of paint were drying I started to prep the top of the cabinets. Make sure you have cleaned the surface well, and lightly sanded with 120 grit sand paper in the direction of the wood to give the slick surface some "Tooth" to have the product grab onto. Using the No Pain Gel Stain takes the red outdated wood to a dark trendy espresso!


The reason I like Espresso Gel stain to stain my surfaces is the easy application of the product. When you open your can of Gel Stain you will notice the consistency. Its thick like a pudding feel. I like to use the wipe on method. I wear rubber gloves, and use a soft cloth like material to apply. Here's a handy tip: Buy old sheets made from cotton at the thrift store! I use a large amount of fabric while upcycling furniture and this is the most economical way I have found for rags! I use a old cotton bed sheet and tear it up for use then dispose after use.

Wearing your gloves, take your cloth and scoop up a small amount of the stain. I like to start at a edge and pull the stain across in the direction of the wood grain. You could also try using a foam brush or chip brush. Remember, what ever your application product it will be thrown away after use.

I find that using the wipe on method requires two coats of stain. I like to wait until the first coat is dry completely to apply the second coat. 24 hours between applications is enough time. If you do not wait for the stain to dry completely, it will pull back up when you wipe on the next coat. Using No Pain Gel Stain is a easy way to update your wood surface to a deep Espresso finish. No sanding to bare wood necessary!


At this point your Gel Stain has been applied in two even coats, and your paint should be dry. This is the time to go back over your furniture to make sure that you have not missed any parts and application is even. If you find drips, make sure to sand down and re apply paint as necessary.

After your paint and tops have dried well, you are now ready to protect your piece. I like to use a product called "Gator Hide" this product is able to protect your stain and paint. Apply in even strokes to cover your furniture top to bottom. Its a satin finish, strong and also water proof. If you are more comfortable with wax, the paint can be protected with wax in clear as well.


After the top coat has dried, I like to apply some Black Wax. I use a cloth to apply the black wax into the edges to darken and give the furniture some depth. I highlight the edges and groves. Its easy to move around on top of a piece that has been sealed with Gator Hide.

On the cabinet edges I applied small amounts of Gilding wax in Warm Gold. I use my finger to apply the gold wax to the edges of the piece. Using a gold wax will tie the hardware into the piece, and give the furniture edges some life. It also looks amazing when the light hits it and shines in the light!

After you have installed the hardware and staged your furniture you are ready to show off your hard work! Dixie Belle paint and No Pain Gel Stain to the rescue, a easy way to update old furniture!

I hope this little tutorial has shown you how easy it is to update and paint your furniture to look high end and trendy! It's a quick make over with amazing results!

Love this tutorial? Want to learn more ways to update your furniture? Come and view my tutorials on YouTube or follow along on my Instagram to see new stories and live videos!

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May 29, 2019

This piece is BEAUTIFUL!!

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