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  • Melissa Geskie

Waterfall Buffet Makeover - Old World Style Painting

This beautiful old world style of faux finish was achieved using Dixie Belle paint products. Let's walk through the steps on how to achieve this look.


Before photo, auction purchase.

This buffet was purchased at a local auction, sight unseen. I could tell I would love to paint this style but was unsure of the condition. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was not in bad condition!


The doors has a slight warp but were still fully functional. There was a separation in the veneer so minor repair with glue and clamps was needed. I also had to fill in missing parts of raised and broken veneer. I used Dixie Belle's Mud in brown to fill in the gaps.

The hardware is beautiful but not what I was going for with this makeover. I removed the hardware and filled the holes. I then cleaned the entire piece with White Lightning. This is a great product to remove dirt and oils. It's a powder that mixes in warm water to clean. It also is a de-glossing agent. This is a step I never skip when painting furniture!


I wanted to add some detail to the flat sections on the door fronts. I was saving two gorgeous WoodUbend moldings for a rainy day and the perfect piece. This was it! WoodUbend is a bendable and stain-able molding that you add to any surface to dress up the piece. It's very easy to use and you can paint directly over top. The first step with WoodUbend molding is to use a heat gun, or hair dryer to heat up the molding. Moldings arrive completely flat but in order to assure that they will be flat to what ever you are applying to.

Heat the back of the molding. It allows the piece to become soft and malleable. I do this with a heat gun, for about one minute. You can see me apply this WoodUbend here. This video is a great way to learn all about WoodUbend.

When the molding is still warm, apply wood glue to the back of the mold. Then take the mold and apply to the surface of the door. I like to use blue painters tape to hold the mold in place. Then you will heat the molding again while it is on the furniture. This just confirms that its flat to the surface. When its dry you are ready for paint!

I sanded back the Mud that was applied to repair any damages to flat. Wiped with a damp cloth and we are ready for paint!

I wanted to paint a grungy old world looking finish. I started at the base of the feet with In The Navy. I laid down my base colors and planned the piece. The next color placement was Dusty Blue into Savannah Mist. I painted the middle of the piece in Dried Sage. On the second coats I use a spray misting bottle filled with water to blend the colors together. I find its easier to keep a separate brush for each color and use light feathery strokes to pull the colors into each other. The brushes used were Flat Medium. I keep a separate brush for each color painted. The spray misting bottle is essential to achieve a ombre blended look.

After the second coats have dried it was time to add some age. I lightly wet distressed some edges, and around the hinges. I do this with a damp cloth rubbing the area lightly to remove paint. I then used my Dixie Dirt and some Easy Peasy Spray Wax combined with a round Belle brush to feather back the dirt. I spray the area, then apply some Dirt in Earth with the round Belle brush, then swirling and pulling the dirt outwards until it fades away. I concentrated on the raised molding areas and the edges of the piece. I find using the round Belle brush for blending dirt the best way to achieve that natural wear finish. It looks like a shadow and is seamless in blending.


I wanted to add gold to highlight the amazing molding. I use Warm Gold Gilding wax applied with a small craft brush to give shine to raised areas. I also used Moonshine Metallic's in Gold Digger to drip down the piece and add age. By spraying the areas with Gold Digger it moves the paint and ages the piece. I also used a small stencil to apply some Gold Digger and create a faded like area to the furniture. I find random placement works best and not being too piece. I want to fade the gold and highlight shine and detail. Reminiscent of a old peeling wall paper effect, peeks of color and pattern showing through.

I drilled new holes and added new crystal hardware. I also sealed the entire piece with Best Dang Wax in Clear. If you would like to see a video describing how to apply wax please click here.


Setting the mood with romantic candles and pages from a old book I waited for some good daylight to take some photos. What do you think? Personally I love a good grungy finish and seem to add Giding Wax whenever I can.

For a speed through Tik Tok video click here!

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