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  • Melissa Geskie

Simple Paint Makeover For Furniture

Want to learn how to quick flip a table with Dixie Belle paint products? It's easy with Silk Paint and No Pain Gel Stain! Two simple products that will take your home DIY projects to the next level. Let's learn how!

What you'll need

Just like the sea, Cape Current is a captivating color choice for a sapphire-like appeal in your home. For this project, we'll explore painting furniture with a rich blend of blues.

Prep is done! Let's play with some paint!

While we wait for the paint to dry (story of my life), let's set to work updating the top with some No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso.

Using a applicator pad helps keep the Gel Stain smooth and streak free.

On this table, I only applied one even coat. This was enough to cover the damages and provide a new tint to the wood. On a heavily damaged top with many issues I usually apply two or more coats of Gel Stain.

Adding a protective top coat, I chose Satin Clear Coat, helps me seal my work. I only applied this to the top of the stain.

Look at that amazing wood grain! So rich and refreshed! I love how easy Silk All-In-One paint is to use. Saving me time by not having to prime or seal. Hope this inspires you to do your own quick flip makeover! Happy painting!


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