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  • Melissa Geskie

Simple Furniture Flip With Silk Paint

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

I picked up two amazing tables on Marketplace and I knew they could become something fabulous, with a little imagination and Dixie Belle inspiration that is. It's rare to find a set of two tables, and that these two beauties were in such great shape made this the ultimate score. Follow along as I take these from blah to beautiful.

Products Used

Anchor Silk All-In-One paint

Walnut No Pain Gel Stain


Let's talk about a plan for these two beauties! Since I want the shape to be the number one stand out feature, I decided to go for something rich and classy. The wood has a red tone to it and this means possible tannin bleed through. Tannins are in the wood and when you paint over the wood without proper preparation they come through the paint and mark the finish. To make sure this didn't happen I decided on Dixie Belle's Silk All-In-One paint because it has a built-in primer that will block any tannin bleed through. Talk about making my job easier! Silk All-In-One paint comes in 20 Hampton-inspired colors. For these tables, I decided on Anchor - the darkest black.

First things first: preparation. I always start by cleaning my items with White Lightning. This powder-based product is dispersed into water and then used to clean your projects. It has a de glossing property. After cleaning I rinsed the tables with water.

Now it's time to move onto the base. Silk All-In-One paint requires a light scuff sand on the wood to prepare for paint. I used my sand paper to scuff up the base and remove some of that shine. This will help my paint adhere. After sanding I wiped the dust. Now they're ready for the fun part - painting!

As I shared, Silk All-In-One paint has built-in primer, so after the prep work I just jumped right in. I used a dry synthetic brush to apply one even coat to the base of each table. The instructions state a two hour minimum wait time between coats. After the first dries completely I added the second coat. In addition to the built-in primer, Silk All-In-One paint also has a built-in top coat - so once my two coats were done, we were ready to move on (no sealing necessary).

It's time to move onto the top of the tables. I sanded off some old paint spots and big scratches. Not a full sand, just where the marks were. My plan is No Pain Gel Stain from Dixie Belle. Since No Pain Gel Stain sits on top of a surface you are able to apply it over existing finishes.

I use an applicator pad to wipe on the Walnut No Pain Gel Stain in the direction of the wood grain. I chose Walnut because it would darken the red tone and make it look more modern. I applied one even coat to the table top to cover the scratches and marks, leaving a nice, even top.

When this is dry I wanted to top coat the No Pain Gel Stain. I used Satin Clear Coat to protect my work. I applied each coat of Satin with the Blue Gator Hide Sponge, over lapping my strokes to provide a flawless finish. This product goes on milky and dries with a smooth finish.

Let's add some fun detail to the sides of the table drawers. I used the new Delicate Lace Silkscreen Stencil from the Belles and Whistles line.

These stencils are great because the sticky back allows minimal bleed of paint. You simply stick it down on the surface and apply your paint through the silkscreen, there is a tool inside the package provided. I like to use a foam applicator because this helps me push the paint though the stencil. I used Anchor to tie in the colors of the piece.

Gemstone Mousse is amazing with a high pigment and shine. It contains zero VOC's and available in four colors. I love using this to add a little "something something" to my pieces. Remember that classy feel I was after? I felt Amber was the right tone to help make that happen.

ALl that pretty detail in the hardware needed a little more bling. I used my Gemstone Mousse in Amber. With a small artist brush I applied a tiny gleam of shine to the edges, using my finger to buff it out on some spots.

This flip is complete! Classy, quick and minimal products use. The final product has a beautiful, lustrous shine. And the Gemstone Mousse offers just the right amount of glimmer on the edges. I love this classy look, all possible thanks to Dixie Belle paint products!

What do you think? I love the deep rich Anchor, and the Walnut tops. What is your favorite color of Silk Paint?


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