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Painting A Boho Design With Dixie Belle Paint Products!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to paint a boho drippy style of paint? It is one of my most favorite looks to do, I find it freeing to paint in such a organic way.

Let's go over some of the items used to create this look. As always you want to start with a good clean. Cleaning your items before paint is a essential step that can never be skipped. Even when it looks clean! I use White Lightning to make sure old dirt and oils are removed.

After you have cleaned the furniture you need to take a assessment of the repair work needed. This old girl had some veneer issues that could not be overlooked. Missing and peeling, these issues need to be fixed before paint. I used Dixie Belle's Mud to fill in the missing wood and once it dried sanded it back to flat with sandpaper.

This piece was still looking plain Jane to me. I decided to add a moulding. Woodubend is a amazing product that allows you to add some design to your furniture. The mouldings are bendable and stainable, and ready for paint as soon as you put them onto a surface. I will show you the steps needed to apply a Woodubend moulding on the video below.

Finally we are ready for paint! This is a layered style of painting, using multiple colors to build texture and dimension. I also used a spatula to scrape the Moonshine Metallic paint across the chest. For a in-depth video showing how to apply paint in this style, please click here.

Colors Used

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did painting it! If you would like to shop your own Dixie Belle Paint products, click here!


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