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Let's Learn About Dixie Belle's New Gilding Wax!

Have you heard the news! Dixie Belle has released a new product! I'm not going to lie, this is very exciting new for me as a furniture artist. I use gilding wax on almost every single one of my projects. I love the shimmer and shine. It's a must have in my tool box.

The new gilding wax has been released in six new colors. Bold, and highly pigmented gilding wax. And as a surprise bonus they also released Chameleon wax! It's a iridescent amazing wax that is completely new!

Let's dive in.... what is gilding wax? Gilding wax is a oil based formula, you can apply to any project with a finger brush or sponge. What does it do? It adds highly pigmented shine to the area. I personally love to gild all the edges so my furniture glows in the light. You can use this product with your favorite stencil or transfer to create gilded shapes, designs and lines.

The new colors include, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Black, and Zinc. And in the Chameleon line, Apricot, Lilac and Cactus. All packaged up in these cute little tins! (1.3 oz in size)

Gold: Consider this a pot of gold for furniture detail. This colored wax gleams of luxury and is bound to cast a glowing shadow on your projects . After using this product, your masterpiece will surely be deemed "royalty".

Copper: A penny for your thoughts? How about a pot full of pennies? Polished and perfected, this copper metallic wax is the perfect addition for your rustic DIYs.

Bronze: Define your pieces with this rich metallic brown. This luscious wax is ideal for adding natural and aged perfection to a piece.

Black: Accent your pieces with heightened depth or add age using this rich and lavish black wax. Apply to every day furniture for a timeless and elegant feel.

Silver: Build on additional shimmer and shine by applying this striking silver to your pieces. Leave your pieces looking refreshed and buffed with this silver metallic wax. This wax will add additional bling to anything

Zinc: Cast the essence of the midnight ocean across your piece with this deep and fulfilling color. This color is as rich as the seas but it is shown in waves throughout the black tone. Let the depth of the ocean speak within your piece by using this unique wax.

Above - All the colors shown on Black Sands, from the new Silk all in one paint. This is a new product that will be released in January 2021!


Dixie Belle's Gilding Wax is amazing for hardware, since this is a oil based product there is no need to seal the hardware after application.

You can apply the Gilding Wax to any detailed surface to enhance texture and raised design.

Application can include a brush to fade out the detail, sponge for stencil application or your finger tips!


What is the new Chameleon Gilding wax? It is also a oil based formula. It can add a colorful pop to any painted surface with a iridescent shine! The color of the wax looks different on every paint color. You can apply in the same manner as the other gilding waxes, with a finger, brush or sponge. Available in three colors, Lilac, Cactus and Apricot!

Cactus: Lively and bright, this color is as sharp and spectacular as a wild cactus. This vibrant green brings elegance and shine to a piece destined for a new life.

Lilac: Reminiscent of the woodland flower, the Lilac Chameleon Wax is delicate and iridescent. You'll love this wax for adding a petal-like glow to your projects!

Apricot: Delightfully luminous, the Apricot Chameleon Wax is fruity and warm. Give your projects a sun-kissed glow!

The colors differ on the color that it is applied to. If your surface is painted in a dark color the iridescent color will pop a bit more! Experiment with your colors and find the perfect combination. Color used on the canvas in the video is called Black Sands by Silk All In One Paint.

Since this Gilding Wax is transparent in color you can really see the color underneath the wax. It looks totally different depending on the light!

Things to know: All gilding waxes should be kept in a climate controlled area. Keep out of the reach of children. Use these products in a well ventilated area. Since the wax is a oil based product there is no need to seal on top. It will cure and harden. Depending on climate this could take 24 hours to fully dry, but should be dry to the touch after a hour.

I absolutely love the look of the new Chameleon waxes with stencils. The stencil featured here is called Royal Damask by Dixie Belle.

Want to watch a video on application of the Gilding Wax with a stencil on a piece of furniture? Click here! Watch me apply the Gold Gilding Wax on a jewelry box here!

These amazing Gilding waxes can be found here from Dixie Belle! I hope I've convinced you to try some today! I know that you will be seeing some shine on my furniture, and it is all thanks to GILDING WAX!


The Top Drawer RVA

Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

***This blog does contain affiliate links, these take you to the same website you would always shop at with a small kick back for me as a artist. I would love it if you supported me and I'll keep bringing you new and fun tutorials!!

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