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How To Use A Hokus Pokus Decor Transfer On Furniture

Are you a crafter, furniture painter or DIY'er? Then this blog is for you! Introducing Hokus Pokus US decor transfers! These amazing products are the newest and hottest way to design a craft and add your own bright colors! I'm proud to announce my partnership with Hokus Pokus US as a Brand Ambassador! What does that mean? Well, as a Ambassador I will keep bringing you new projects and videos to help you learn! Creating and sharing new projects and tutorials!


What is a transfer you ask? It's a amazing way to add color and detail to a piece , check out the suitcase table I created using "Papillion" decor transfer. I am a furniture artist and constantly looking for ways to update old pieces and transforming them with a transfer is the perfect way to start!

This little upcycle project was based around the Papillion transfer. I chose to use Blueberry by Dixie Belle as a base color, looks amazing with the orange on the butterfly wings. Watch the video below to see the transformation step by step.

Products used for this project:


Let's go over how to apply your Hokus Pokus US decor transfer. It's easy to apply to any crafting project!

  1. Hokus Pokus transfers are highly detailed and can be used on wood, painted furniture, glass, mirrors and many other smooth surfaces. I have even applied it onto cloth.

  2. The desired area needs to be clean and dry. If you have freshly painted the surface, allow at least 48 hours to a week for the paint to dry completely before applying the transfer. I have found applying a clear coat (not Gator Hide) helps the transfer adhere well.

  3. The transfers are pressure sensitive. When removing the transfer from the packaging handle it carefully.

  4. Each transfer contains two sheets. The matte release paper and the other printed adhesive transfer.

  5. Cut out the elements you want to use before removing the matte release paper.

  6. With the release paper still attached, experiment with where you want to place the transfer.

  7. Gently pull the release paper 1-2 inches from the top edge of the transfer. If working with a large design tape down the top release corners of the transfer to ensure that the rub on stays exactly in place while doing the transfer. Then slowly and carefully remove the rest of the release paper and tape down the corners and edges every few inches of the transfer.

  8. Working from the top to the bottom, rub off the design transfer using the enclosed transfer tool to ensure transfer of any of the small details that might have been missed.

  9. Once the entire design has been transferred, make any touch ups desired and gently smooth down any bubbles or design edges by rubbing with a soft cloth.

  10. Should you want to remove the transfer design, it can be done by gently scrapping it off with a smooth edged tool. it may also help to soften the adhesive by blow drying the area first.


Want to try your own Hokus Pokus design transfer? Shop yours here!

I hope you loved learning about Hokus Pokus transfers today and will try one soon! They are shipping within Canada and the U.S.A.

Questions? Please see my Youtube for more videos or send me a message to see if I can help!


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