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How To Use A Belle's & Whistles Silkscreen Stencil

Updated: May 5, 2021

Did you hear the news? Dixie Belle has released some new stencils! There are five new Silkscreen stencils, Butterflies, Roses, Steampunk, Delicate Lace and Farmhouse. Your design options for furniture and décor just grew!

Including three new Mylar designs as well! Now you can create with Harlequin, Greek Key and Script D'Amour!

Let's learn all about Silkscreen stencils and how to use them. I've painted a wood tray in two coats of Driftwood. This is a gorgeous neutral color that will allow that stencil to shine! For this project I want to get "farmhouse fabulous!" with the Farmhouse Silkscreen Stencil. Want to watch me paint this tray? Click here for a fun Tik Tok!

Let's begin. The Belles & Whistles silkscreen stencils create bold, detailed designs on a variety of surfaces. Each set contains 3 adhesive e stencils. Each stencil is reusable up to 10 times after washing.

Remove your stencil from the white backer sheet. Position the stencils on your project. Apply a thin layer of paint. There is a enclosed tool with every package. You can also use a foam applicator or stencil brush.

Apply a thin even layer of paint. For this project I chose Black Sands Silk All In One paint. I applied the paint to push through the screen with the tool provided.

Gently remove the silkscreen stencil from the project. Since I used Silk All in One paint there is no need to seal this project. Silk paint has a built in topcoat. If you would like to add a protective layer to your project you can use Clear Coat or Wax on top when the stencil dries.

After you peel off your stencil from you project you need to wash immediately. Delay in washing could clog the screen with paint. I use warm water and my Scrubby Soap to clean the paint from the mesh screen on the stencil. When I have removed all the paint I lay the stencil flat to dry, sticky side up. When the stencil is dry you can position back onto the white backing paper to save and reuse again and again. Each stencil with proper care can be reused up to ten times.

So easy peasy! What do you think? Simple and effective design. Zero bleed though and a amazing detailed image!

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey! I hope you like the new Silkscreen Stencils from Dixie Belle! You can shop all your Dixie Belle projects here!


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