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How To Update A Planter Box With A Stencil & Transfer

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

There's a new stencil in town and boy oh boy she's a beauty! It's Buffalo Check! Buffalo Check is amazing for Christmas but I really wanted to try it out now in mid summer. I went to the trusty "she shed" to check out what I could put some checks on! In the corner of the shed there were a couple of old galvanized planter boxes from years past. I am a big believer in recycling and updating what you have - and these two boxes were perfect! Let's get crafty!

Products Used Caviar

I brought them inside and cleaned them up. I used my White Lightning to get rid of any dirt from the outside if the boxes. After I cleaned them I rinsed with water.

Stenciling is something you have to practice at to get it just right, too much paint and you will get some bleed though on the edges. I find using a small foam roller to apply a small amount of Caviar and build up the paint layers works best. This way the paint does not seep under the stencil. These mylar stencils are large!

I stenciled Caviar to both boxes. The look was super cute and will match well with my front door striped black and white rug. The more I looked at them, the more I knew I wanted a pop of color too! I grabbed my Sunflower transfer from the Belle's & Whistle line and planned to add some flowers.

Transfers are a great way to dress up a craft or furniture, they add great detail and color. Simple to use, Belles & Whistles transfers can stick to many surfaces. I cut out the large bunch of flowers and peeled off the white protective backing. I applied it over top of the Buffalo Check by burnishing it down with the enclosed tool form the tube. You then peel off the plastic and your transfer has adhered to the project! Super simple. For a video on another Sunflower project click here.

I sealed the transfer and Buffalo Check with Clear Coat in Satin and my Blue Sponge. This helps seal the transfer and will protect my paint from the elements.

I added some beautiful sunflowers to accent and voila! A beautiful update to a old planter box. These two beauties will adorn my front porch, making everyone smile with the cheery checks and sunflowers. Super easy update from Dixie Belle! Can't wait to make Christmas decor this fall!

Thanks for joining me! See you soon for another crafting adventure!


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