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  • Melissa Geskie

Giving Back To The Community Through Paint Positivity & Dixie Belle Vanity Makeover

As a Dixie Belle brand ambassador, I have the ability to reach a great number of people through social media. I decided to use this influence and create a gift while spreading some positivity. I enjoy giving back to my community, and thought I'd pass some #paintpositivity to others.

I first met Carla through a local buy-sell trade group on Facebook. She was asking for help in the form of furniture donations to gift to women in a non profit group she manages. Sisters Love is a organization that helps single moms in need of financial support. It was created by Carla four years ago after her husband died leaving her and two boys, who were 8 and 9 at the time. At the start, she needed help as she adjusted to her "new normal". Since finding her feet again, she decided to give back to her community through Sisters Love. As I was once a single-mom I loved everything about Carla's story and her work. I knew I found the way I wanted to give back.

Carla's organization is still new, and she works tirelessly to help provide for what they need. I reached out and asked if I could help her. I had an idea to paint something and take those donated pieces of furniture to the next level. Carla found a piece that she knew would be fabulous to gift someone in need, and we started this painting journey. She also helps with providing jobs to people who are starting a new life through her cleaning service, Sister's Cleaning Service.

Dixie Belle Paint company has many ways that they give back to the community, through grants for small businesses to supporting local Florida organizations such as the The Wounded Warrior Abilities Ranch.

They have developed a whole campaign on spreading love and kindness with paint positivity.

I picked up a vanity from Carla and brought it home. She mentioned purple as a color reference for the person who will be receiving the gift. I thought hard about how to make this piece as fabulous as I could. I chose Aubergine - my favorite Dixie Belle purple, and then turned to Plum Crazy for the accent. I have painted this combo before and knew it looks super rich and romantic. I want to add details with the Floral Romance transfer, and the new Butterflies Silkscreen Stencil. Of course all gilded in gold and shining.


I created a YouTube video to share with all the details and the painting process. You can watch it here.

I hope that this inspires you to give back to your community, in any way that you can. I loved creating this special gift, and I know that it will make someone smile. Please see the hashtag #paintpositivity on all social media to follow along on Dixie Belle's giving back to the community journey.

For more information on Sisters Love please contact Carla Cupp at 804 300-2360.

For a short Tik Tok of this piece click here.


***This blog contains affiliate links, these are at no added cost to you but do provide me with a small kick back if you decide to purchase any goods. Thank you for supporting small.

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