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End Table Makeover - Featuring The New Silk All In One Paint

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Did you know that Dixie Belle is releasing a new paint line!? If you are lucky enough to live in Australia or New Zealand you might have already seen it. Introducing the new Silk All In One Mineral paint from Dixie Belle! This paint will be released in The United States in early 2021! This paint will only be available in the 16 oz size.

Silk All In One mineral paint is different than regular chalk mineral paint. It does share the same feature of zero VOC's and eco friendly. It's a low lustre, buttery finish. It contains a built in primer, stain blocker and top coat! YES! This means you are able to directly paint without worrying about bleed through or needing a extra finishing step. It stays looking new longer than the other paint. No prep is required, just clean with White Lightning and go! it's washable for a easy clean finish. It is self leveling. Water, mildew and grease resistant. This paint will be available in 20 beautiful muted colors.


Let's use Silk paint to makeover these tables. Boring and brown, I will use Hampton Olive to paint and refresh this set. First step is to clean well with White Lightning. After cleaning remove the hardware and you are ready to go! I was curious to see how this would work with no primer, these tables had a red wood finish. Red wood is usually prone to bleed through.

You will find that Silk mineral paint works the best with a smooth synthetic brush for application. I used a flat medium brush to apply my paint. You will also need to know that this paint works best with a dry brush. Not damp like you would normally have for any other chalk mineral paint application.


I applied one even coat onto the tables with my synthetic brush. I covered the wood surface with smooth even strokes. I noticed that this paint is a bit thinner than the regular chalk mineral paint, it's smooth and has great coverage. It's recommended to apply this paint in a smooth continuous motion, it helps with eliminating brush strokes.

While the paint was drying I decided to work on the top. I used Colonial Black Gel stain to cover the red wood color. Gel Stain is amazing on old wood surfaces to cover minor scratches and marks. You apply this product directly over the existing finish. I used a applicator pad, dipping into the product then applying in a smooth motion. Staying even from one end to the other. When the initial coat of stain has dried I applied another even coat.

The base of the tables has dried. I applied another even coat of Hampton Olive to finish the base. It went on smoothly and required less paint than I was used to! Again, using a dry brush. Not dampened. This paint finish requires a 21 day cure time.


The No Pain Gel Stain will be sealed with Gator Hide. I want to use Gator Hide to give the table tops a water resistant finish. I apply the Gator Hide with a Blue Sponge. By pouring the finish onto a plate I'm able to dip my sponge into the Gator Hide and apply from one end to the other. I find that using a minimal amount onto the sponge and working quickly to apply helps get a streak free finish.


Since Silk All In One mineral paint is a paint that has a built in finish there is no need to apply a top coat to the base of this table!! The finish is smooth, low lustre and looks so soft. I love this paint. I think it will be a amazing addition to the Dixie Belle paint line! I put the hardware back on and took some pretty pictures. Remember the red wood? I didn't have one single problem with bleed through! Nothing to be seen. I am amazed.

Watch a video of this process here!

The new SILK mineral paint will be available soon in the United States. (early 2021)

Stay tuned! Want to learn more? Click here!

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Thanks for watching and learning all about SILK paint!


The Top Drawer RVA

Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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