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  • Melissa Geskie

Simple Painting With Silk - Furniture Makeover

Simple painting has been made easier with Silk All In One paint! This is a great way to update a piece of furniture in a day. This little end table was in great shape but the color was dated and boring. I could tell by the red wood color in the piece that this could be a "bleeder" - what is that? Tannins are in wood, stain and in the finished furniture. When the color of the wood or the stain of the wood is red, the tannins (red color) can bleed through a finish leaving your final painted work stained and blotchy. How do you fix that or prevent it from happening? Normally you would have to prime your piece with BOSS. Boss is a stain blocker for your painted furniture. Luckily Silk All In One has a built in primer! No more prep work needed! For a blog post all about prep and how to use Dixie Belle paint products for prep click here!


I chose Anchor, the blackest color for the piece. I scuff sanded for paint adhesion and cleaned with Pristine Clean. After cleaning I rinsed with water. That simple prep is enough to start painting! Silk paint is smooth and silky - just like the name. I love to use my Scarlet brush to apply Silk. It's the perfect size to dip into that jar! For this piece I used less than 1/3 of the jar of paint. I applied one even coat, waiting two hours between coats of paint. This allows the paint to harden and prepare for the second coat. After the two hour dry time I applied the second coat of paint and I was done! Since Silk has a built in topcoat when you are done you're done! This paint will take 30 days to completely cure. It's mildew resistant and has a soft sheen to the finish.

Supplies Needed

I created a step by step video of the process. Have a peek below and see what a little Silk can do!

Love this and want to try your own makeover project? Click here to shop Dixie Belle Paint products.

Thanks for joining me on this painting journey!


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