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  • Melissa Geskie

Silk Paint Makeover Featuring Belles & Whistles Transfer

I picked up these two end tables off of Marketplace for a great deal. I could see that gorgeous trim calling out for GOLD! Let's get to work and paint them fabulous.

Products Used

No Pail Gel Stain - Espresso

Best Dang Wax - Grunge Grey

Let's get flipping!

These were a great find. I set to work right away doing the prep, beginning with covering those scratches. The tops had some wear and tear on them, so the fix was a quick, light sanding to make the scratches less visible. I plan to use No Pain Gel Stain the top of the cabinets, and wanted a smooth surface to begin.

First things first, clean, clean, clean. White Lightning is a powder-based formula that you disperse into water. I cleaned the tables thoroughly and then rinsed with water. Then, I removed the hardware after cleaning and set aside to be reused later.

After the prep, I started thinking about the design. I knew that I wanted to incorporate gold on all the wood detail. When planning a design it's a good idea to look at your color scheme. I wanted to feature the beautiful new transfer from Dixie Belle called Floral Romance, and my design needed to compliment this. It's a bold colorful transfer that comes in four pages. I looked at the transfer colors and chose a pale neutral tone. Normally, wood this red tone needs a B.O.S.S. primer to stop bleed through. But, I had a feeling that Silk All-In-One paint with a built in primer would save me some prep and finishing work (it has a built in top coat and primer). Keeping with my neutral color palette, I decided to go with Oyster.

When using Silk All-In-One paint, it is advised to scuff sand your surface before paint. What does scuff sand mean? After cleaning you take a piece of sand paper, any grit works fine, and move your paper in circles to "scuff" up the wood surface. This is especially important on any shiny surface. If you are worried that your item to be painted is too shiny and the paint might not adhere well, Slick Stick is recommended. I scuff sanded both the cabinets, and then smoothly sanded some of the scratches on top. The tops of these cabinets will be stained in No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso.

Let's start with the top of the cabinet. Using No Pain Gel Stain is a easy way to add some color and depth to a piece without having to sand all the way down to bare wood, like regular stain requires. Dixie Belle's No Pain Gel Stain sits on top of a existing finish and changes the tone. To apply, I used an Applicator Pad. These come in a set of two. Wearing gloves I wipe on the gel stain in the direction of the wood grain. I use smooth even strokes, overlapping the stain to get a uniform finish. I used two even coat on these tables waiting, 24 hours between coats of stain.

Since No Pain Gel Stain is an oil-based product, you will need to wait 24-48 hours between coats. Wait until it feels smooth and dry - not tacky - prior to applying your second coat. When this second coat has dried I will use Gator Hide to seal and protect the top surface.

Using s smooth, synthetic brush I applied one even coat of Oyster to the cabinets. Some tips? Do not dampen your brush. Do not over work a area. I use smooth, even strokes to apply this paint, leaving two hours between coats. The two hour dry time between coats is important. Since Silk All-In-One paint already has a built in top coat, there is no need to seal when dry.

Now the fun part: GOLD!

I added one coat of Gemstone Mousse in Golden Gem to the trim areas. This can be done before or applying the transfer. Gemstone Mousse is a water-based product that must be stirred well before use. I also like to add a tint bit of Gloss Clear Coat to the mousse to make it dry quicker. This is optional. I do not seal the Gemstone Mousse.

Let's talk transfers! Dixie Belle transfers are super easy to use. They release well and do not crack or have a halo. There are 13 new designs now available from the Belles & Whistles line.

To start with the transfer, I opened the tube and removed all the sheets. As a reminder, the transfer I'm using on this piece is called Floral Romance. The kit comes with four sheets as well as a wood tool for burnishing it down onto the surface. The transfer is 32 x 24 inches divided into 4 sheets for easy application. I measured the space inset on the door of the cupboards and cut the transfer to six pieces. Next, I removed the protective backing on the transfer and laid the sheet onto the area I was working to cover. Using the wood burnishing tool, I smoothed the transfer onto the surface. You will see the transfer release itself from the plastic sheet during this process. Finally, peel back the sheet and - Ta da! - your transfer is adhered to the area.

I repeated this process to cover the four inset panels on the two pieces. You can seal your transfers with Clear Coat or Best Dang Wax (what I went with). Take note: Gator Hide is not recommended for sealing transfers.

So, a day has passed and it's now time to add the second coat of No Pain Gel Stain. Again, I put on some gloves and wiped on the stain with the Applicator Pad in a smooth motion. The second coat will darken the tops and hide those scratches.

When the second coat has dried I added Gator Hide to the top to seal the rich color and protect my work. No Pain Gel Stain doesn't have to be sealed, but I like a added coat of protection on top of tables.

I wanted to darken the corners of the cabinet a touch, and so I set to work with some Best Dang Wax in Grunge Grey. Using my French Tip Brush, I applied a bit of wax to the corners and wiped back. Since Dixie Belle waxes are water-based, it's easy to remove any excess amounts with a damp cloth. I also added the wax to the gold areas to sit in the recessed areas.

I used Gold Spray Paint to transform the hardware to a bright shine. Then, I put the hardware back on the cabinets.

What do you think? Did the choice of a neutral color of paint make the transfer pop like I hoped? And, how about the gold? I just LOVE the jewel-toned highlights and the rich feel of the stain. This makeover was a win for me! Thanks for joining me on my painting journey!

You can watch a Tik Tok of this makeover here!


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