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  • Melissa Geskie

Painting A Buffet With Silk All-In-One Paint

Hello creative friends! Have you tried the recently released Silk All-In-One paint from Dixie Belle paint? It's a simple new paint to make your upcycling easy. Let's learn why.

This buffet belonged to me. It's been in my dining room for about five years, and I plan to replace it with something larger. I had originally purchased this piece from an auction in it's original wood condition. Due to the amount of damage on the surface, I had painted it in a chalk mineral paint with a rich espresso stained top years ago (so long ago, in fact, I don't remember the products used). See the before picture for what we're working with - an unsealed painted base with no top coat and a stained top with a satin finish. Take note: If you will be using Silk Mineral Paint on a surface that has a previous wax finish you will need to remove the wax before you begin with mineral spirits. It was a neutral palate but since I needed to freshen it up before I sold it to fit a new bigger one in its space I knew she needed a update. Hands up if you love a good makeover!

For this project I chose the new Silk All-In-One paint by Dixie Belle. Why did I choose this product? Silk paint has a built in primer and top coat. This makes my job easier! I wanted to flip this buffet quickly and this was going to be the easiest route. I chose ANCHOR in Silk All-In-One paint and was ready to start. It's a super rich black paint.

Since this piece has no previous wax on the painted surface I knew I could clean and paint easily. I used White Lightning to clean the whole piece. I then did a quick scuff sand to rough up the surface to let the paint have a good grip. What's a scuff sand you ask? It's taking a medium grit sand paper and using it to go over the whole piece to rough up the surface a touch. This also helps remove any loose pieces of varnish or paint on the existing surface. I wiped the buffet with a damp rag afterwards. I used Dixie Belle's Mud to fill in some small holes in the veneer. After the Mud dried I sanded back to flat. I was now ready for paint.

Let's learn a bit about Silk paint before we begin. Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint is a mineral paint with a built-in topcoat, primer, and water-based stain blocker. With a silky, low-reflective finish, Silk is full coverage, durable, and water, mildew, and grease resistant. Simply de-gloss all pieces with a light scuff sanding, clean with White Lightning and apply with a dry brush. Silk All-In-One Mineral paint is perfect for painting furniture, cabinets, and more. You apply this paint with a smooth synthetic dry brush. Two coats are needed, and no top coat is necessary.

I used a medium flat brush to apply my paint to the buffet. The coverage is full, and it went on silky smooth. Silk paint differs from regular Chalk Mineral Paint, in the way that you apply this product. Since Silk has a formulation where it has the top coat and primer inside you shouldn't add water to thin this paint out. I like to use a heavy load of paint on my brush and keep my strokes smooth in one direction. This paint is also self leveling, but keeping a smooth brushed on stroke helps keep any lines or streaks from forming.

I went right over top of the previously painted areas and stain. After waiting approximately 2 hours I then applied a second coat of Anchor. The finish was buttery smooth when dry. Now that the buffet has been painted it was time to add some highlights to the details. I used Dixie Belle's Gilding Wax in silver. Gilding wax is a oil based product, it cures and dries on its own with no need to seal over top. I used my fingers and a small brush to apply the Gilding Wax where the details were raised. Instant glamour on this buffet. It really made those details pop!

I added some new crystal knobs, and she was good to go. What a simple and classy makeover thanks to Silk All-In-One paint. The low luster shine combined with the wax highlights made her a elegant beauty.

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey! Stay tuned for more makeovers, and check out the other Hampton inspired colors of Silk All In One Paint. There are more than 20 to choose from - get yours here.

For a quick video on Tik Tok of this piece click here!

For a YouTube Video of Silk application click here!


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