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  • Melissa Geskie

Painted Buffet with Dixie Belle Paint and Gel Stain

This was a quick and easy makeover using Dixie Belle paint and No Pain Gel Stain. I started and completed this makeover in one day!

I picked up this very heavy buffet with the help of my husband. Often when you pick up items from a online auction you are to remove them ”as is where is” sometimes I’m lucky and I can see where they are located, first floor (hooray!) or second floor. (Not my favorite, my girl arms are not my lifting friend) This beauty was close to the door and ready to go.


Once we were able to get it home and in my studio space I was ready to begin. First steps are important! Make sure to clean and prepare your project properly. A couple quick steps will insure that your hard work will be done properly. Nothing worse than spending hours painting to find out there is bleed through or spots that the paint won’t stick too. if you have questions about proper prep work please see my YouTube video here.

Before Buffet Photo - Note Laminate Top

This is what we started with, after cleaning with White Lightening by Dixie Belle. This is a powder product that you add to hot water to remove any dirt or oils from your furniture. Highly recommend this. If it’s not possible to use your White Lightening can use water and bleach or water and vinegar.

On inspection of this piece I discovered the Top was a laminate fake wood. Lucky that Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain will cover that ugly color. I’ll get to that part shortly. Remove hardware and after cleaning sand your piece lightly to prepare for paint.


I decided a dark classic color would work well with this classic buffet. I wanted to keep the original hardware and the original burnished brass color. Green and gold is always a classic combination.

Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint blends well and is easy to use. I decided on a base of Collard Greens, a deep green, grey color. Using Gravel Road to sit in the cervices And Spanish Moss for the ombré center of the doors. Caviar is a rich black that I used to darken the edges.


I started with the base of Collard Greens, then used the Spanish moss to highlight in the middle of the doors and drawers. After my first coat had dried I used my spray bottle filled with water to blend my second coats together. Using separate brushes to keep my colors blended where I want them. Pull the colors together and blend well with separate brushes and a misting spray bottle with water.


While the base was drying I was able to tackle the top of this buffet. Since it’s a plastic Formica style top normal stain would not work. This is when No Pain Gel Stain is handy. As long as your color of gel stain is darker than the color you are covering it’s easy to fix. Clean the top of the buffet well, and lightly sand in the direction on the wood grain and wipe clean. I used Espresso color to compliment the newly painted base.

Wearing gloves and using a t shirt like rag I wiped on the gel stain in the direction of the wood grain. The gel stain is a thick pudding like consistancy. Wipe on a smooth thin coat. Work from one end to the other. After the first coat has dried you can apply a second coat to darken it. To watch the stain being applied click here.

Once the stain has dried in two even coats and I am happy with the coverage I then sealed the top with Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide. It’s a tough coat sealant that repels water and protects the new stain.

After my two coats of blended paint have dried it’s time to add some detail. I like to use wax to add depth and shine. I used Best Dang Wax in Black to accent the grooves. And then used Warm Gold Gilding Wax with a small brush to rub on some shining highlight. The whole base was then waxed with Clear wax and applied with a brush to protect the new paint.

I reinstalled the original hardware and brought it inside to my staging area. I staged with some classic coordinating items and took some great photos. This buffet went from boring and brown to classy and shining in the light.


Want to buy your own Dixie Belle paint? Click here. This provides me with a small kick back to keep bringing you tutorials and demonstrations.

This tutorial has also been made into a video! Click here to watch it on YouTube!

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