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  • Melissa Geskie

How To Use Slick Stick

Hello! And welcome to my blog! I'm a faux finish painter and creator with Dixie Belle! Sometimes when I can put down my brush I create some fun videos too. This one is important because it's one of my most asked questions on social media. How do I paint slick surfaces? This is a challenging problem, laminate furniture and plastic like surfaces can be difficult to get your chalk mineral paint to adhere to.

This is where Slick Stick comes to the rescue! Slick Stick is a gripper for shiny surfaces, you know those ones that make you wonder what you could do. I'm going to show you a easy video that I created to help you learn everything about Slick Stick!


To Watch a short video on how to use SLICK STICK CLICK HERE!


Come follow me on all social media @thetopdrawerrva for tips and tricks daily!

Happy painting! Enjoy!


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