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What is Tangi?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

What is the thing I speak of? Tangi? Well its another way to build your brand and be seen on social media. It's a app that focuses on creativity and DIY! Check them out here!

Google has launched a new video sharing app called TANGI. Its main focus in this app is promoting creativity and DIY. It's a short video platform to learn and upload videos.

Its the ability to upload a profile, (business name of course) and build up how to and DIY videos to be seen by anyone on the app. You are also able to repost in other social media apps, Instagram and FB.

Creative types all over are starting to use this app to share how to videos, under one minute long. Its a easy to use platform with easy and quick to follow videos. Its very easy to save videos and watch new videos, and based to all creatives. I think it's a great way to show my work and see what other furniture painters are up to!

Want to watch one of my short Tangi videos? Click here to view my profile and watch some of my videos!

What should you know about TANGI?

  1. This platform is shot in vertical format similar to IGTV. You most likely have enough content in your phone to create a short how to video and upload. If you do not you have the ability to create something and take videos and photos to make one!

  2. The platform is similar to INSTAGRAM, likes, and follows from other users. As with other social media apps you can click a "tried it" button to post a photo of what you did!

  3. They are running contests for creators! You can become a Tangi creator and enter contests! - They change monthly and you can even win cash! The first month I joined they used hashtags to enter contests on your videos.

  4. You can hashtag these short videos for more exposure.

  5. Workshops are now available on Tangi - you can create a workshop, advertise and monetize.

  6. It's free to download and use.

  7. It's another way to grow and post and promote your business.

  8. You can include links! Post your LINKTRE in the bio so people can follow. This is great for affiliate links and to drive people to your website. Links can also be attached to videos.

  9. It's new, and as always its important to be involved in new things at the ground level. Your growth will be greater than others that hop on late!

  10. Inshot is a great app to create content for this platform, its quick and you can make them fast. REMEMBER - 59 seconds and under, no copyrighted music please. Inshot has now added the ability to upload direct to TANGI!

How do I use Tangi to help be seen and promote my work? I take small videos or photos while I create a project. I am a furniture artist and take photos of each project. I then upload to InShot, and add text and music. I even make a cover shot to upload. Looks so professional! Then I edit the material in InShot to be under one minute in length. I have completed a fun DIY makeover to show people all about my work! Are you a artist? Fashion? A creative person who just likes to have fun? This app is geared to you! It's a great way to find new ideas and see some great projects. You can brose by section, or search all new videos! You are able to connect with others that have similar interests and projects. I personally love to watch others paint and create.

I also am able to use my affiliate link for Dixie Belle and create new customers and connections! Since I am a Brand Ambassador for Dixie Belle paint I love to teach others about this product! In each video you can list the items used and explain your process. I love the ability to teach and introduce people to Dixie Belle paint products!

Want to try the Tangi app? Click here to join or check it out! And when you do, stop by my profile and follow along! I'd love to see what you create with Tangi!

I hope you try this new social media app Tangi, it's a great way to stay creative and learn new things!


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