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  • Melissa Geskie

Update Your Furniture With Paint! A Dixie Belle Paint Tutorial!

Do you have old boring furniture that needs a update? Let's learn how furniture can be updated with Dixie Belle Paint products! What will you need? Some paint, some inspo and a old piece of furniture! Let's play with some paint!

This cabinet was donated to me from a neighborhood friend, she didn't want to update it herself, and knew I could make something fabulous! I had supplies from the Inspo Boxes that Dixie Belle used to carry, they are no longer in stock, but the products are! Here is what I used to flip this piece.

Items Used

Dried Sage

Drop Cloth

Floral Romance

Gilding Wax

Gator Hide


White Lightning


Floral Silkscreen Stencil

Thing A Ma Jig

Step One - Clean your project and inspect the piece. White Lightning is a great way to clean inside and out. Clean and rinse. This Little cabinet needed some repair. The trim had been broken off on the front panel, leaving a jagged edge.

Step Two - I used Dixie Belle Mud to repair the areas where it was not smooth. After the Mud dried I sanded it down to flat and was ready for paint!

Don't forget to open the door to the cabinet if you are covering the original holes for hardware. Or you will end up like this! CLICK HERE!

Let's paint!

All done! Check out the final look! It's amazing what a little Dixie Belle Paint can do! I touched the edges with a little Gilding Wax in Gold to complete the look!

Thanks for joining me on this painting journey! See you for the next flip!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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