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  • Melissa Geskie

Upcycle A Jewelry Box With Paint!

I often find these cute little jewelry boxes at the local thrift store begging for a transformation! Since they are usually solid wood, and a perfect size to paint in a day I grab them every time. A little paint magic will transform these into a great one of a kind gift!

Products Used

This little beauty was only $5.25 and other than the outdated wood color, was in perfect shape! Let's play with some paint and do a quick flip.

I always clean every project that I start with Pristine Clean or White Lightning. This handy cleaner removes any dirt, oils and de glosses for paint. Rinse with water after you clean. I also scuff sand all my wood before starting. Adding a bit of grip for you paint is a good idea.

Let's start by applying Dried Sage around the outer edges. I filled in the middle using another paint brush with Buttercream. On the second coat I blended the two colors together with my Best Dang Brush. Keeping a spray misting bottle filled with water close by to dampen the brush is helpful while blending.

After the paint has dried I wanted to add some color. I used Vintage Floral, a Dixie Belle transfer. This colorful transfer has multiple sheets of images. You cut out the image you would like to use, remove the protective backing and smooth down onto the project. Using the enclosed wood tool to burnish down the image, you can see it release from the clear sheet. After the image is on the project I like to burnish with the sanding sponge to remove any adhesive and smooth the edges.

I like to add as many images as I can to really dress up the color on the box. Continue to add as many as you would like, layer and transform your project!

To take it to the next level I added a Silkscreen Stencil. I love these stencils because they never have bleed though of paint and leave such a sharp image! Each stencil comes with a tool inside to push your paint through the mesh, or you can use a Thing A Ma Jig or sponge. I applied the butterflies to the box and used a sponge to push the Moonshine Metallic in Gold Digger and create a image. You can wash these stencils in warm water and your Scrubby Soap and reuse the same stencil up to 10 times.

When the Gold Digger has dried I sealed the entire box with Best Dang Wax in Clear and my Best Dang Brush. This will protect my work, and the added transfer. Using my French Tip brush and some Best Dang wax in Brown I added some depth the the corners. For my final step I used Gilding Wax in Gold to highlight edges. This box was done in one day! What a fabulous makeover on a thrift store find!

How cute! Would you like to try your own Dixie Belle paint products? Click here to shop! Want to see a TikTok of this makeover? Click here.

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey! Melissa

Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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