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  • Melissa Geskie

Simple Painting Tutorial - How To Paint Your Furniture In One Day!

Are you new to the painting furniture world? If so this video is for you! Simple painting, no frills, no bother. Paint your furniture with Silk All In One paint from Dixie Belle.

This little end table needed a makeover, I wanted to paint it quickly, no priming no top coating. I chose Silk All In One paint, this fabulous paint has a built-in topcoat and primer! Beautiful colors to be picked from, I went with Hampton Olive. In keeping with the simple part, I wanted to stain the top of the piece with no sanding. This is why I choose No Paint Gel Stain. With this easy to use product there is ZERO sanding needed. Let's paint!

Products Used

Hampton Olive

Espresso Gel Stain

Pristine Clean

Gator Hide

Silk All In One mineral paint is from Dixie Belle. This amazing product allows you to paint then walk away! The built in top coat and primer inside Silk makes the work easy. How do you use this amazing paint? Simple clean with Pristine Clean, scuff sand and then paint! Two even coats of paint with two - four hours in between coats to allow dry time and you are done! Want to learn more? Watch this video below!

What do you think? Super easy flip! Add you own touch with the Belles & Whistles line items, a transfer or decoupage. Silk paint is self leveling, mildew resistant and cures in 30 days time. Want to see all the colors of Silk paint? Click here.

Want to watch a longer tutorial? Click Here!

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey! I hope you learned a bit more about Dixie Belle Silk All In One paint, and give it a try soon!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

***This is a sponsored post

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