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  • Melissa Geskie

Painting & Decoupage On A Headboard

Let's upcycle a headboard from boring to farmhouse fabulous! Today, we're painting with Dixie Belle and applying a decoupage from Bubblegum Yum Artisan paper!

Products Used

White Lightning

Mud - in White

Slick Stick

Haint Blue


Mint Julep

Savannah Mist

Soft Pink

Chameleon Wax in Apricot and Cactus

Gilding Wax in Gold

Satin Clear Coat

Best Dang Brush

Artisan Print

Wallpaper Paste

I picked up this little cutie from a local buy sell group. I knew it would be the perfect flat surface for a Bubblegum Yum print!

To start my projects, I always clean with White Lighting. This cleaner is in a powder form that you can disperse into water.

After cleaning, I removed the old applique from the headboard, these are usually held on with small finishing nails.

In removing the detail, there was a rough surface. No problemo! I patched it up using Dixie Belle Mud. Mud comes in three colors, since I the plan is to paint the bed - the color of Mud doesn't matter, because when it dries you can sand it back to flat to paint over.

I decided on Slick Stick as a primer. This bed had a shiny surface, like a melamine plastic feel. Slick Stick is used to provide a gripping surface for your paint. I use this product on any type of metal or plastic to prepare for paint.

Looking at the print for inspiration I chose my colors. Using Mint Julep and Savannah Mist I covered the bed frame. This is just a base layer. We will be blending the second coat after the decoupage.

The artisan print fits perfectly on the bed frame. I planned the cuts and measured the paper. I cut each section to the inset size of the frame.

I worked on each of the sections, adhering the print to the bed with wallpaper paste.

To apply the decoupage, I used a plastic rolling tool, smoothing out any air bubbles as I went. These prints can be applied with Clear Coat or paste. I like the thickness of the paste, it helps me smooth the paper.

Now that the print has dried I wanted to blend the paint to the paper so it disappears, creating a seamless look. Using the print as my source, I used multiple colors - including Haint Blue, Peony, Mint Julep, Soft Pink, and Savannah Mist - to work my magic. I was careful to blend the edges. Using my Best Dang Brush allows me to make a cloudy paint blend, meaning the print becomes one with the bed! All that's left is to protect my work. For this, I waited until the paint was dry and then sealed with Clear Coat in Satin.

Time to add some punches of glamour to this farmhouse bedframe. I used some Gilding Wax in Gold as well as Chameleon Wax in Apricot and Cactus to add shine to the edges. Gilding wax is oil-based, and is best to be applied at the end, after the top coat.

Are you ready for the reveal?

This bed is now fit for a Boho farmhouse bedroom! The color in the print is so bright and cheerful. Thanks to Dixie Belle Paint & Bubblegum Yum Prints!

Thanks for joining me on this fun painting journey!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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