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Boho Dresser Makeover - How To Faux Bleach Wood

Have you seen the new trend where people are bleaching furniture? It's crazy! I've seen tutorials on using household bleach, oven cleaner and other toxic chemicals to get that white wood look. I want to get that look, but without the toxic fumes please! Let's learn how I did it! With one product that contains zero VOC's or smelly chemicals.

Products Used

White Lighting

Voo Doo Gel Stain

Artist Brushes

Synthetic Brushes


Morning Sunrise

Desert Rose

White Cao


Applicator Pad

I was given this dresser from my favorite local Non Profit A Sister's Love. I've developed a relationship with this organization where they give me donated furniture ,I paint it pretty then return it to them. A Sisters Love helps domestic abuse survivors with finding housing and furnishing it with donated items. This little boho dresser will hopefully make someone's day when they receive it for a new home. For another donation piece video click here.

Let's begin. This is a typical Ikea style dresser. Plain, no frills and needed some color. I could tell from the flat front layout on the drawers that I could create something fun and hand painted. After one small repair to the drawer track, I was ready to start the transformation.

When preparing a piece for paint there are a couple of steps that need to be done. I remove all the hardware and clean the inside and out with White Lightning. White Lightning is a great product to remove dirt and oils from the furniture. Don't skip the prep! If you need a detailed video on what "Proper Prep" is, please click here.

Looking at the dresser, I noticed the wood looked unfinished and raw. This gave me the idea for a bleached-out wood look. I could tell that surface would be simple to stain. Now I've seen the tutorials where house hold bleach is applied, and wiped back to reveal a white wood look. I knew that I did not want to use chemicals like that in my painting space. I decided to try Voo Doo Gel stain! Voo Doo Gel stain is a water based Gel stain that contains zero VOC's. What does that mean? No smells, or odor at all when you apply it! Voo Doo Gel stain is available in 7 colors. I used White Magic. I painted the frame of the piece in two even coats of Cactus All In One Silk Paint. This paint is great for raw surfaces where bleed might be a issue.

I applied a small amount to a applicator pad and wiped on in the direction of the wood grain. It absorbed into the raw wood finish and looked exactly like bleached wood! I also sprayed the pad with water to help dilute the product to help it be a touch see through.

I continued to apply White Magic Gel stain down the front of all the drawers. I only applied one coat.

Now it's time for the fun part! Lets hand paint a desert boho scene onto the front of the dresser. Since the Gel stain is a water base it dried within a couple of hours! I wanted a soft boho vibe, I chose some gorgeous new Silk Paint colors from the Desert line.

I had already painted the base of the dresser in Cactus, and wanted to create a scene with Morning Sunrise, Desert Rose and Mojave. Using a piece of chalk I mapped out the design and filled in the scene.

I used the smaller round synthetic brushes, as well as the new artist brush kit from Dixie Belle. The smaller size brushes are great for getting into detailed corners.

When the scene dries you can use a damp towel to wash away the chalk lines. This is a simple layout, and I think a beginner painter could do this! Use your imagination!

I added some dots in White Cap, to provide a bit more visual interest. Since Silk All In One paint has a built in top coat, when I was done painting I didn't have to seal! If you wanted added protection you could use Extra Coat Wax or a Clear Coat.

I ordered a set of new knobs from Amazon, in a muted gold color. Installed them onto the piece and I was done. What a super Boho trendy design, faux bleached wood look and cute cacti!

Thanks to a little bit of imagination, and some Dixie Belle Paint products.

Love this and want to see a quick Tik Tok video of the process? Click here!

I staged my boho dresser with some items from the Decocrated Subscription Box. I love to try new trendy decor and having this box delivered to my door four times a year is a lifesaver for staging items. You can check them out here! Want to see what was inside my latest spring 2022 box? Click here!

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey!


Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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